IT Infrastructure & Cloud Migration

Maximize the value of Cloud and IT infrastructure with Google Cloud solutions that integrate deep industry insights, leading technologies and best-in-class execution.

Cloud infrastructure enables to rapidly deploy global solutions without the need for capital expenditure or time-consuming deployments.

Nohup is the technological partner for all those who need specialized infrastructure and skills for their online activities and for the digital transformation of their business.

Our technology consulting and system integration services have helped our clients drive change through Datacenter transformation, Cloud migration, Network modernization and System integration, and realize a Cloud-first vision.

Your journey to the Cloud


Analysis of the customer’s infrastructure, technologies in use, and business requirements.

Project planning

Identification of needs and definition of a strategic plan; design of the foundational elements (Identity Access Management, networking, cost control, etc.).

Migration and development

Migrate/transform applications and infrastructures, supporting the customer in managing the transition.


Address possible areas for improvement based on business impact and priorities (e.g. application monitoring to improve application execution, cost reduction, …).

Customer cases

FiloBlu - Infrastructure migration and modernization >>

Redesign of the entire infrastructure with porting from AWS to GCP with use of managed services (Cloud SQL, Filestore, MemoryStore) as well as integration with data management tools (DataPrep, DataFlow, BigQuery), Kubernetes and containers.

ilMeteo - Infrastructure migration >>

Nohup performed the migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and provided the architectural modernization.

ACI Blueteam - Infrastructure modernization >>

Nohup supported the customer assessing the on-premis infrastructure, planning and operating the cloud migration, tuning the infrastructure on the cloud and providing managed services and professional services to the client on the new infrastructure.

eFarma - eCommerce migration >>

Nohup performed the migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and provided the architectural overhauls necessary to improve the availability and reliability, ensuring also a better scalability.

CFD FEA Service - High Performance Computing >>

Optimization of the High Performance Computing cluster for the execution of the installed software, also exploiting the Preemptible instances to allow to offer competitive prices.

FiloBlu - eCommerce app migration >>

FiloBlu migrates clients to Google Cloud Platform for improved uptime and faster page loading, delivering enhanced data analytics and insights thanks to BigQuery and Google Looker Studio.