The Company

ACI blueteam is an Italian excellence in Travel Services both in the corporate and private sphere. Specialized in services in the Business Travel, MICE, Leisure sector and services to Agencies, ranks among the top 5 Travel Management Companies by volumes in Italy.

Nohup supported the customer assessing the on-premise infrastructure, planning and operating the cloud migration, tuning the infrastructure on the cloud and providing managed services and professional services to the client on the new infrastructure.

The challenge

The infrastructure was distribuited on multiple local vendors and has grown inorganically in the previous year, following the growth of the client’s business. With that solution, the management of the infrastructure became very complex and time consuming. The costs were also rising with issues on speed and scalability due to the trasitional approach of the infrastructure based on physical servers.

The solution

The solution proposed and adopted was a full migration to the cloud of the previous infrastructure also with a consolidation of the different infrastructure in a unique one. When possible also managed services were used (Virtual Private Network, Database, AppEngine, etc.) in order to reduce the total cost and allow the Technical department of the client to focus on the data and the applications.


The consolidation and migration was successully completed.

Furthermore a lab environment and a test environment were created to improve the testing of the software and the new features. After the migration it was also possible to tune the resources in use with a significant saving. Lastly, it was possible to plan and create a real disaster recovery solution with core services in High Availability.

“The consolidation and the migration allowed to modernize the previous infrastructure and added strategic features not available before like ease of Disaster Recovery plan, centralized management and monitoring, fast and flexible scalability for the size of the servers used for data processing and data management. It also allowed to start a process for the modernization of the legacy applications.”

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