Optimization of the High Performance Computing cluster for the execution of the installed software, also exploiting the Preemptible instances to allow to offer competitive prices.

The Company

CFD FEA Service is a service company that offers consulting and training in the engineering and IT fields, specialized in providing services in the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and FEA / FEM (Finite Element Analysis / Method) sectors, widely used in engineering world.

The challenge

The speed and reliability required in the design phases is increasingly pushing designers to rely on the world of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), which allows you to simulate the behavior of the object.
To take full advantage of this technology, an intensive use of hardware resources is required to perform the necessary calculations to simulate the operation of the object.

The solution

The platform is made up of two main parts in the front office: – storage: a file exchange environment between the user’s PC and the remote HPC platform; – simulations: the environment dedicated to simulations in which the user can decide which software to use to carry out their engineering analysis. 

For each simulation it is also possible to monitor the logs and the main variables.


The application allows you to perform engineering analyzes quickly and cost-effectively thanks to PREEMPTIBLE instances. 

Thanks to access via SSH and Remote Desktop, the user also has full control of their simulations. Furthermore, the system is equipped with an API system for integration with third-party software (already in place with Italian and foreign companies).

“Cloud HPC is a real computing cluster. Each user, by connecting to the platform, can perform engineering
simulations in the CAE field (CFD and FEM).”

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