The Company is a privately owned, leading online pharmacy in Italy selling drugs and products for health and well-being.

The challenge

The main need was to deal with significant traffic peaks, ensuring in the meantime  optimal performance in all circumstances.

The high workload during promotional activities (advertising campaigns, black friday, etc.) often caused issues such as poor responsivity or site downtime, with a high loss in the number of purchases.

The solution

Nohup performed the migration to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and provided the architectural overhauls necessary to improve the availability and reliability, ensuring also a better scalability.

The GCP solutions offered a higher performance and more robust infrastructure than the previous systems at a comparable or lower cost.


The new infrastructure improved stability and reduced page load times, with a significant improvement in reliability and organic traffic on the site. The site’s performance in loading and rendering speed has improved by 30%.

eFarma no longer has problems absorbing traffic peaks around major seasonal events and advertising campaigns.

The costs were lower than the previous infrastructure thanks to an optimized use of the GCP resources.

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