Redesign of the entire infrastructure with porting from AWS to GCP with use of managed services (Cloud SQL, Filestore, MemoryStore) as well as integration with data management tools (DataPrep, DataFlow, BigQuery), Kubernetes and containers.

The Company

FiloBlu is a strategic consulting partner that is leading brands toward business acceleration. It develops the best solutions together with its partners, with a results-driven approach. It supports companies with a wide range of expertise: Strategy, E-commerce, Online Store Management, Marketplaces, Marketing, Communication, Design, and Web3.

The challenge

The growing number of ecommerce projects made it necessary to consolidate on a modern infrastructure that is scalable, optimized and ready for a modernization of the application.

The solution

A pilot project was activated on Google Kubernetes Engine. The pilot was so successful that all the new projects have been deployed using Kubernetes and containers, which is the new default infrastructure for FiloBlu.


The new infrastructure has significantly improved the stability of the service and reduced page load time. In addition, the re-engineering of the infrastructure on Compute Engine, which is almost fully automated, has significantly reduced the activation times for new projects.

“Google Compute Engine is great: scalable, available, good value for money. Our infrastructure is definitely more stable. FiloBlu was also one of the first European companies to deploy Magento 2 in Kubernetes.”
Dino Allodi, CTO, FiloBlu

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